Blood Culture Packs

The taking of blood cultures to detect bacteraemia is an important medical investigation affecting the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Their value will be maximised by taking the cultures for the appropriate indications and with the correct technique in order to reduce the risk of contamination.

Procedure packs for a number of medical procedures have become more and more common in recent years to support the increases demands of the healthcare sector. The demands on healthcare professionals to perform their duties quicker whilst maintaining high quality performance and patient care has led to an increased number of procedure packs being used in a wide range of scenarios, providing users with all the components they need to perform a given task in a convenient single package. In addition, the focus on faster diagnosis of a patient’s condition, and thus quicker turnaround times, means there is a benefit to being able to take better quality blood samples from patients and reducing the need to repeat these tests.

Sentra Medical’s blood culture packs provide qualified healthcare professionals with a convenient, sterile pack with all the components they need to collect a blood culture sample. And our bespoke service means that, regardless of whom the client is Sentra Medical can provide a pack to meet their specific needs.

The following list outlines just some of the most common components that are requested by customers to whom we have supplied IV cannula packs

Blood Culture Bottles
Blood Collections Set/Butterfly (safety and non-safety, with or without pre-attached holder)
Blood Collection Holder (specific to the culture bottles used)
Cleaning Agent (e.g. Chloroprep, Chlorohexadine)
Single-Use Tourniquet
Kidney Dish
Specimen Bag
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However, we will always work directly with all of our customers to provide them with whatever components are required for their specific organisation

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