Dental Sedation Packs

Sentra Medical offers a unique dental sedation pack that provides users with convenience and security when preparing for an IV sedation procedure. Both the Sentra Safety IV Cannula and the sedation pack are showcased at SAAD conferences, and the Safety IV Cannula is the chosen device by the Society for the Advancement in Anaesthetic Dentistry

Procedure packs for a number of medical procedures have become more and more common in recent years to support the increases demands of the healthcare sector. The demands on healthcare professionals to perform their duties quicker whilst maintaining high quality performance and patient care has led to an increased number of procedure packs being used in a wide range of scenarios, providing users with all the components they need to perform a given task in a convenient single package.
Sentra Medical’s dental sedation packs provide qualified healthcare professionals with a convenient, sterile pack with all the components they need to perform IV sedation.

The following list outlines the components of our dental sedation pack:

Drawing up needle
Single-Use Tourniquet
Cleaning Agent (e.g. Chloroprep, Chlorohexadine)
Dressing (Tegaderm)
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