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Sentra Medical Limited is the official supplier of both Sentra and Polymed products and currently supplies over 30 different product lines to over 50 different countries across the World. Our products cover a wide range of specialities and disciplines, and below is a list of the different products available under the Sentra product portfolio.

Safety Products

Safety syringes
Safety blood collection needles
Safety Needle Holder
Safety Blood collection set
Safety Winged Infusion Set


Ryles/Nasogastric Tube
Gastro-Duodenal Feeding Tube
Infant feeding tube for paediatric and neonatal use
Mucus extractor with and without bacterial barrier filter at suction end
Umbilical catheter
Stomach tube with open and closed distal end
Feeding bag

Blood Management

Blood administration sets
Blood bag systems (single, double, triple, quadruple, transfer)
Above with safety devices
Blood collection tubes (Biochemistry, Glycaemia, Sodium Heparin,
Haematology, Coagulation, Serum)
Surgery and wound drainage
Closed wound suction unit

Surgery and wound drainage

Thoracic drainage catheters (straight, angled, with trocar)
Abdominal drainage set
Under water seal drainage system
Yankaur suction set


A.V. Fistula needles
Double lumen polyurethane catheter
Double lumen internal jugular catheter
Dilator introducer
Introducer needle
Femoral catheter
Peritoneal Dialysis set
Peritoneal Dialysis transfusion set


Umbilical cord clamps
Sputum collector

Central Venous Access Catheters

Single Lumen
Double Lumen
triple Lumen
Catheter Mount


Oxygen Catheter
Suction catheter
Guedel Airway
Twin bore nasal oxygen cannula
Oxygen Mask
Venturi mask
Nebulizer mask
Endotracheal Tube Cuffed and Plain
Spinal Needle


Urine collection bag with top outlet
Urine collection bag with bottom outlet
Paediatric urine collection bag
Urine collection bag without outlet
Urine collection bag with top outlet and rod for hanging
Leg bag set
Urine collection bag with T-type bottom outlet and sampling port
Urine collection bag with measured volume meter
Short term urine drainage catheters
TUR set
Foley’s Catheter

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