Opthalmic Knives

Opthalmic Knives


There are a certain number of procedures that will always require the use of specialist Opthalmic Knives. Sentra Medical has a range of high quality stainless steel Opthalmic Knives in its range.

The blades feature easy dynamic grip handles and offer exceptional performance and quality.


Slit Blades (Keratome) For Phaco Stab Incision

Slit Blades (Keratome) For IOL Enlarsins

Crescent Blades for Groove, Pocket or Tunnel Incision

Lance Tip Blades for Initial Incision

MVR Blades for Water Tight Self Sealing Incision

Spoon Blades for Groove, Pocket or Tunnel Incision

Scleral Blades For Limbal and Scleral Incision

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