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AirSteril Washroom - Features

Feature Benefit
Fan-assisted air induction fast rate of purification, low noise
No Filters no problems with clogged up filters, low maintenance
Internal dual band UV technology germicidal irradiation, elimination of micro-organisms
Plasma formation and transmission formation and transmission of plasma quattro, super oxide ions and triatomic oxide, actively seek and eliminate bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and VOC’s inthe air and on all surfaces., no harm to humans or animals
Eliminates Bacteria and Viruses protects staff, visitors and other users, reduced chemical usage thus saving money and better for the environment, eliminates odours
Eliminates odours eliminates need for deodorants and perfumes, improved perception of cleanliness and hygiene standards, improved image of organisation
Low energy low/no impact on energy consumption, connected via 13A switched fuse spur
Low cost most cost-effective solution for a wide range of important issues, saves money in the long-term
Low Maintenance low/no impact on demand of maintenance team
Compact Size can be fitted inconspicuously into very small areas
Aluminium Casing durable and not easily damaged, little/no need to replace once fitted
Sleek Modern Design high quality look, fits with many modern, buildings and designs
CE-marked and FDA-approved guaranteed quality and performance